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Health and Beauty from the Inside Out
Vitality, Strength and Purity for the Body, Mind and Spirit


Amazing things have been happening and now is a good time to share with everyone.  Being able to provide high quality organic skin care products has helped many people see themselves differently as their complexions improve bringing about more confidence which in turn allows one to feel a greater self worth.  A Health Glow LLC will continue to have these products available for all of its current customers and the new ones to come.

There is another side to A Healthy Glow LLC now.  It is time to work on the inside as well.  With great honor and a humble spirit, I am excited to share this news.  Becoming an Ambassador and getting certified to teach Good Morning Good Evening Qigong opens the door to being able to help others learn about their life force also know as Qi or Chi.  
Working with people in this field will allow each person the opportunity to have more energy during the day and sleep better at night.  Because of the intelligence of the Qi that we will be building up, the body will also transform itself from the inside out.  For those of you living in the Casper area, keep your eyes open for upcoming classes.
After the first of the year Casper will have their first Good Morning Good Evening Qigong classes on Thursday evenings from 6p to 7p and on Saturday mornings 10am to 11am.  Keep watching, I will post the exact start dates as soon as they are made know to me.